Exactly what is GiveAnything.com?
GiveAnything.com is a universal gift certificate that can be spent for the industry's widest selection of products from hundreds of great retailers.

What can I buy with my GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate?
Our name says it all. You can get almost anything with a GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate! From everyday items like books, apparel and jewelry. To things you'd probably never imagine you could find in an incentive program, like fly fishing lures or homemade candles. No matter what you're interested in, we're sure to have something for everyone!

How do I spend my GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate?
Spending your GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate is easy and fun! You can shop online by category, see a complete list of GiveAnything.com Member Merchants, or use our Find-a-Gift Search Engine to locate a specific item. When you visit one of our Member Merchant sites, just choose GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate as your payment method and enter your 16 digit account number just like you would when using a credit card. You can also redeem your certificate for a selection of popular retail gift cards.

Does my GiveAnything.com Certificate(s) have an expiration date?
GiveAnything.com Certificates do not expire and carry no dormancy fees. When spending your reward online, use the DATE YOU ARE SHOPPING as the expiration date if this information is required by the merchant.

How do I know which Web sites accept GiveAnything.com Gift Certificates?
All of our Member Merchants are listed here on our site. And we are adding new merchants every week. In addition, many of our Member Merchants display their affiliation with us on the home page of their Web site.

Help! The item I want is priced higher than the value of my gift certificate. What can I do?
No problem! Just Add Value to your existing GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate using your credit card!

Is my credit card transaction secure?
GiveAnything.com utilizes secure SSL encryption on all credit card transactions. This industry standard technology assures you that your personal information is 100% safe. In addition, our Security Guarantee is one of the most comprehensive on the Web!

What if I don't spend the full amount of my GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate?
Not to worry! Your remaining value will be available to you whenever you choose to spend it with any of our Member Merchants. If you ever lose track of the dollar amount left on your gift certificate you can check your balance online.

How long is my GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate good for?
With so many GiveAnything.com Member Merchants to choose from, spending your GiveAnything.com Gift Certificate could take awhile! For that reason, all GiveAnything.com Gift Certificates issued after January 1, 2005 will never expire. Ever! And there are no dormancy fees or reactivation fees of any kind.

How do I check the status of my retail gift card order?
To check your gift card order status at any time, go to the Shop at the Store page and click on the gift card order status link in the text at the top of the page.

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